Essential Wholesale Cleaning Supplies Businesses Should Invest In

Essential Wholesale Cleaning Supplies Businesses Should Invest In

As hygiene expectations are at an all-time high, maintaining high levels of hygiene within the workplace is a paramount to keeping people safe from harmful bacteria and presenting a good impression of your facility to all who come and go. While cleaning best practices and procedures can vary from sector to sector, and business to business due to varying equipment and surfaces that require cleaning, it’s essential we don’t forget the basics. In order to maintain good workplace hygiene and cleanliness, every business needs to invest in the right cleaning products to clean effectively. We take a look at the essential wholesale cleaning supplies every business needs at this crucial time.



The Essential Cleaning Products & Supplies

While cleaning is essential no matter what industry your business is in, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start and which hygiene products you should invest in. As businesses look to save money where they can, following the challenges faced during the pandemic, buying effective cleaning products should be prioritised. While investing in so many cleaning and hygiene products may not be something you have had to think about before, they are definitely needed now and to maintain high hygiene levels in the future. Not only will maintaining a hygienic workplace environment prevent the spread of bacteria as germs can spread far more quickly in an unclean environment but it will reduce absenteeism due to illness, saving your business significant costs. A clean workspace also helps to promote positive employee well-being, give people confidence that you take health and safety seriously, increased productivity and engagement, and create a good impression for anyone who may use your facility.   

We’ve put together a list of the essential cleaning products and supplies every business should invest in to maintain proper hygiene within the workplace.  


Industrial Disinfectant Spray

An essential cleaning product every business should be regularly cleaning with is disinfectant. While it’s known that germs carrying harmful bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus are easily be transmitted between the air through respiratory droplets, they can also live on hard surfaces and around high traffic touchpoints like door handles and lift buttons. This is why it’s important to use an effective disinfectant to remove bacteria, maintain high hygiene standards and stop harmful viruses from spreading within your facility.


Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray

Another essential cleaning product is an all-purpose cleaning spray. An effective multi-surface cleaner will help to remove dust, dirt, germs, stains and can be used on a variety of surfaces from countertops, mirrors, stainless steel and windows. Surface cleaning sprays are ideal when wiping down food-handling areas in kitchen environments to leave your surfaces clean and germ-free but can be used in a range of other sectors including in offices to clean desks for example.


Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes

Anti-bacterial sanitising wipes are another essential cleaning product every business should invest in,  not only because they are quick and easy to use but they are highly effective against killing bacteria and viruses that could be found on hard surfaces such as office equipment, machinery and high traffic touchpoints. By regularly cleaning down surfaces with disinfectant wipes, you can ensure your facility is a clean and hygienic working environment. 


Disinfectant Concentrate Solution

Another essential cleaning product is a general-purpose sanitiser concentrate. A cleaning concentrate is a dilutable cleaning chemical that works hard to effectively kill 99.99% of bacteria and reduce the risk of cross-contamination within the workplace. Often concentrates are sold in larger containers meaning hundreds of users per concentrate, which in turn makes it a very cost-effective product saving businesses money in the long-term while keeping high traffic environments such as offices, factories and schools clean and safe. 


Glass & Window Cleaner

Over time, dirt and dust can easily collect on windows causing damage to the glass not to mention cause trigger allergen symptoms in people sitting close by. By investing in an effective window and glass cleaner you can ensure your windows are clean and smudge free giving off a good impression to visitors who visit your facility.


Floor & Carpet Cleaning Solution

Commercial floor cleaning supplies are vital at not only keeping floors or other hard-floor surfaces looking clean but are needed to improve the safety of your facility and reduce accidents.  Without proper maintenance, the dirt, grit or even germs that build up on the floor can increase the risk of workplace injuries or cross contamination.


Washroom Hygiene Products

A hygienic washroom gives off a great impression to anyone visiting your business which is why washroom hygiene products are essential cleaning supplies. It’s not just about promoting the right image though. With the right products you can keep your washroom smelling fresh, reduce the number of harmful germs and bacteria and minimise the spread of infection which can happen from touching taps, flush buttons and soap dispensers in the washroom, Effective washroom hygiene products you may want to invest in range from virucidal disinfectant cleaners, to mould and mildew remover, urinal cubes and urinal screens.


Air Freshener Spray & Odour Neutraliser

A vital cleaning product every business need is a high-quality air freshener or odour neutraliser. Air fresheners help to remove odours from large spaces or washrooms to ensure the air always smells fresh and clean. As well as neutralising malodours within the workplace, air fresheners help to minimise any airborne germs and improve air quality allowing employees and visitors in the workplace to breathe easy which is especially important in the current climate.


The Essential Cleaning Equipment Every Business Needs

Once you’ve stocked up on the essential cleaning chemicals and products to keep your facility clean and safe, you will also need to invest in commercial cleaning equipment to actually use the products effectively. Keep reading to find out our must-have commercial cleaning equipment. 




Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre cleaning cloths may be the holy grail cleaning product all businesses need. Not only are microfibre cleaning cloths extremely versatile and can be used on a multitude of surfaces for dusting, cleaning windows, mirrors, stainless steel or just alongside your surface cleaner, but they are also cost-effective and less wasteful making them more environmentally friendly. Instead of using disposable paper towels to wipe down countertops, walls or appliances and binning them after every use, multi-purpose cloths can be washed and reused again and again saving your business money.


Protective Nitrile Gloves

Protective nitrile gloves keep your safe and sanitary while you are dealing with cleaning chemicals. Often cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if in contact with skin and could cause a chemical reaction, by wearing gloves you will not only protect your hands from coming into to contact with harsh chemicals but also protect yourself from germs that could be found on surfaces. Blue Nitrile Gloves are ideal to wear when cleaning a wide variety of environments such as offices, kitchens, medical practices, beauty clinics and more.


Blue Centrefeed Roll

Another essential cleaning product every business should have good supply of is blue centrefeed roll. Blue paper roll is highly absorbent and strong making it ideal to clean a variety of liquid spills around the workplace. Its cardboard centre means it is compatible with centrefeed paper dispensers making it easy to tear for quick and effective cleaning.  


Mop & Mop Bucket

No matter what type of space you are cleaning, a mop and mop bucket are an essential cleaning product that every business needs. Whether it’s a small office kitchen or a larger space, investing in a mop will allow you to clean a large area in one swift movement. For larger areas such as office buildings with more than 1 floor, investing in a wringer mop bucket with wheels will make cleaning much quicker. These commercial mop buckets often hold more liquid saving you time running back and forth to empty the bucket, but it’ll allow you to clean a larger space in less time. Don’t forget to replace any mops when they start to wear down though as otherwise, they will be ineffective. 


Vacuum Cleaner

While it may seem obvious, a vacuum cleaner it is the fastest and best way at picking up dirt or dust from large areas with a carpet or hard-floor surface. We recommend every business invests in a commercial bagless vacuum to prevent you having to empty the bag after every use, this piece of cleaning equipment is an essential for providing efficient, reliable cleaning that will leave your workplace looking clean and tidy.


Wet Floor Safety Signs

Finally, having a cautionary wet floor safety sign is critical to keep everyone safe and prevent workplace injuries. The safety sign should be used to warn people that the floor they are walking on may be wet or slippery and to tread carefully. This will ensure visitors and staff are safe and prevent people from slipping and hurting themselves.


Cost-Effective Wholesale Cleaning Supplies from Citron Hygiene 

Citron Hygiene offer a wide range of wholesale cleaning products from our Shop; available at cost-effective prices when you buy in bulk. At this all-important time, it’s vital that businesses are using the essentials to maintain high hygiene standards to keep all who come and go safe. Visit the Citron Shop to browse our full range of industrial cleaning supplies, or alternatively speak to a member of the team today if you are unsure of what products you may need.