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Jangro Blue Centrefeed Paper Towel, 1 ply

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Efficient 1-Ply Wiping Roll for Fuss-Free Cleaning

Made from recycled paper, this 1-ply wiping roll offers great value for money and reduced environmental impact while providing an efficient way to clean up spills in any busy environment. 

These blue rolls feature easy-to-tear paper and a cardboard centrefeed making them compatible with wall-mounted centrefeed dispensers. Ideal for high traffic environments that may require regular cleaning such as kitchens, offices, factories, clinics, hair and beauty salons, medical practices and more. These rolls are available to buy wholesale in packs of 6, giving your facility over 1800 sheets to suit your business needs. That's 300m rolls! 

The roll’s centrefeed design means it uses every sheet of paper, ensuring you buy less and waste less, saving money, cutting waste and reducing your environmental footprint.

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