Hotel Cleaning Buying Guide

Hotel Cleaning Buying Guide

Regular and thorough cleaning of your hotel is a crucial step towards providing your guests and employees with the safest, most hygienic environment possible. As well as providing a positive and welcoming impression to all who enter your facilities, aiming to prevent the spread of illness and infection should be at the forefront of your cleaning operations. In doing so, you’ll create peace of mind amongst your visitors by continuously providing high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. With illnesses such as COVID-19 being highly transmissible through human contact, the air and contaminated objects, your hotels cleaning preparation and execution has never been more vital.

Citron Shop have prepared a hotel cleaning buying guide to help you better understand which products should be used throughout your hotel to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Cleaning Preparation

When preparing to clean your facilities, it is important to take into consideration the protection of your employees and customers. The provision of easily accessible personal protective equipment (PPE) and solutions throughout your hotel can provide the best preparation in creating a clean and healthy environment. Setting up hand sanitiser stations are an effective way to prepare your hotel to safely open its doors, as well as ensuring you have ample supplies of PPE equipment such as disposable gloves, face masks, visors etc.

General Cleaning

Throughout your hotel, it is important to regularly clean and disinfect any hard surfaces or commonly used objects, for example door handles and lift buttons. It is recommended to use a certified disinfectant solution, such as our Jangro Sanitising Powder, to ensure you are killing any harmful germs and bacteria. Surfaces should be pre-cleaned with effective chemicals, before being disinfected and then wiped off shortly after with a disposable cloth.

Whether it’s in the main lobby area, or your kitchen, your hotel’s floors will accumulate heavy build-ups of grease, oil and grime which should be delt with regularly, using solutions such as our Jangro Lemon Floor gel. With the freedom of adding the solution to a spray bottle for manual cleaning, or directly to a water source for large scale cleaning, you can ensure your hotel’s floors are always looking their best.

Accommodation Cleaning

When cleaning accommodational areas within your facilities, it’s important to cover all bases, even the air. Effective products, such as our Jangro Air Freshener can neutralise malodours and freshen the air around you in one simple operation - the perceived air quality and scent can create an instant and lasting impression amongst your visitors!

Similarly, within your accommodation cleaning routine it is vital to thoroughly clean your toilets. With daily use, products such our Jangro Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler can help to keep your toilet looking and smelling fresh whilst helping you maintain a more hygienic restroom.

High Touch Point Areas

Many harmful bacteria and germs can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours. This means that commonly used and touched objects and surfaces within your hotel become hotspots, potentially facilitating cross-contamination and the spreading of illness. It is vital to identify these high touch point areas and understand how to appropriately clean them.

High Level Touch Points

Within your guest rooms, many surfaces are regularly touched and should therefore be regularly and effectively cleaned. Surface cleaner, such as our Jangro Virucidal Disinfectant Cleaner, should be utilised on mirrors, tables and any other glass surfaces which are commonly interacted with by guests. Door handles, light switches, telephones etc. are all high-level touch points which can have their cleanliness regularly maintained with a cleaner/sanitiser concentrate which can be mixed to varying degrees of strength where appropriate.

Your hotels restrooms, kitchens, back of house and public areas have numerous other hotspots to consider, ranging from worktops, fridge handles and handrails. These areas should be cleaned regularly with appropriate solutions, products and protection, such as with our disposable gloves and cloths, sanitiser concentrate, and spot & stain remover.

Product Recommendations

To ensure your hotel is receiving the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene in all the right places, Citron Shop have compiled a range of essential items to cover your needs, including:

  • Jangro Laundry Destaining Powder
  • Jangro Pine Disinfectant
  • Jangro Thickened Bleach
  • Jangro Concentrated Lemon Washing Up Liquid
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

All our cost-effective products are available to bulk-buy at affordable prices, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your hotel running out of the essentials.

Wholesale Cleaning Supplies at Citron Shop

Through effective cleaning preparation, high-level touch point management, and access to the most dependable and trustworthy cleaning products, make sure your hotel is providing the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Want to see our full range of products? Browse our selection of wholesale cleaning products designed for effective hotel cleaning practices. For more information on what products you need, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to provide you with a helping hand.