Why Buy Wholesale Cleaning Supplies from The Citron Shop

Why Buy Wholesale Cleaning Supplies from The Citron Shop

Most businesses understand the importance of hygiene standards within their facilities to keep people safe and present the best possible impression to their employees and visitors. With the covid-19 pandemic highlighting how important a clean facility really is and, with poor cleanliness being one of the most common complaints in service industries such as hotels and restaurants, achieving impeccable standards should be high on the agenda for businesses. However, as important as hygiene is, there’s no doubt the ongoing maintenance to ensure the highest of standards comes at a significant cost, one that’s inevitable but cannot be ignored.

Ensuring quality and reliability whilst saving money can be difficult, and many may be concerned over the risk, especially in more vulnerable facilities like hospitals.

This is where a wholesale cleaning products supplier can help. As a leader in providing managed hygiene solutions and consumables over the past 45 years, The Citron Shop has built a strong and understand the importance of delivering cost-efficient solutions for businesses. Here, we discuss the benefits of buying wholesale cleaning products from a company like The Citron Shop and how it can help businesses like yours save money, time and effort without sacrificing quality and reliability.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Wholesale Cleaning and Hygiene Products?

Buying cleaning products wholesale and in bulk saves large amounts of time and ensures a sufficient supply of essential products for longer periods. The likelihood of running out of cleaning products can be significantly reduced and bulk buying ensures your cleaning teams always have the right products to hand to perform essential tasks as required. With bulk quantities available, your business can store more and order less each however, depending on your business’s requirements, finances, storage availability and footfall you can take on smaller orders to meet your needs.

Does Buying Wholesale Work Out Cheaper?

Wholesale cleaning product suppliers buy and sell in bulk which reduces the handling time and costs involved, therefore products can be sold at cheaper prices. This means commercial businesses who require a larger quantity of products daily pay substantially less for items; the larger the order the cheaper each product works out to be.

Choosing a Wholesale Cleaning Supplier for Your Business

When choosing the right wholesale cleaning supplier for your business, there are a few factors to consider before making the leap.


Research their experience in the sector and understand how they’ve delivered the product needs of your business to other organisations. This way you’ll get an understanding of their quality of delivery and whether other customers are satisfied with their service.

Price Point

Look at their price point and position within the market; are their prices higher than other competitors? Do their prices align with your finances and fit your budgets?


Research how well wholesale cleaning companies understand their market and their customer’s needs. Knowledge is vital as experts in the industry can offer more than just the products, they can guide your decisions and ensure you’re buying the right products for your business.

Location & Delivery

Find out what their delivery terms are like and whether you can get your products in a sufficient time period to ensure you’re always fully stocked up with cleaning supplies.

The Choice of Products

Most importantly, a cleaning product supplier needs to sell the right products in which your facility needs to maintain a hygienic space and meet the demands of facility users. If you’re unsure of what hygiene products your business needs, get in touch with us and we can help.

Why Buy Wholesale Cleaning Products from The Citron Shop?

At The Citron Shop, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and supplying trusted consumable products to our customers. We keep your needs at the heart of what we do and are passionate about ensuring facilities across the UK have what they need to build a healthy space.

Creating an Account

By creating an account with us, you can access exclusive discounts and faster, repeat purchasing. This can save your team time, enabling you to focus on the everyday maintenance and running of the business.

Selection of Products

We stock high-quality commercial cleaning and hygiene products to meet your business needs at wholesale prices. From surface sanitisers and kitchen cleaning supplies to washroom hygiene products, discover a selection of our supplies for a safer facility for all who come and go.

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  • Janitorial supplies
  • Cleaning products and supplies
  • Dispensers and refills
  • Paper products

Subscription Service

We understand that running a business can be demanding. This is why we offer customers the ability to buy products on a one-off or subscription basis. This is a hassle-free way of ordering for businesses both large and small as you simply order what you need on subscription and then decide the frequency of when you want more products to be sent, which can be tailored to you.

Discounts and Offers

For our dedicated customers, we offer exclusive offers and discounts which you can take advantage of and utilise for your companies benefit. We’re constantly aiming to please and ensure you’re receiving the best cleaning products at competitive prices.

Expertise and Experience

With Citron Hygiene, you can expect no less than reliability and quality. Citron Hygiene have over 45 years of extensive industry experience supported by a global brand, providing hygiene solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes with the aim of building healthy spaces. Therefore, we are best placed to know exactly what solutions businesses need to maintain a clean and hygienic space.

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Which Cleaning and Hygiene Products Are Best to Buy in Bulk?

Here are our top 5 cleaning products that are essential for businesses and to deliver best customer experience. Below we have included what to consider so you have everything you need to reach hygiene standards and expectations within your facility.

Toilet roll

Running out of toilet roll can be associated with poor customers experience as it can cause serious inconvenience and embarrassment for washroom users. This problem, however, can be avoided with the sufficient stock of toilet supplies. Shop our range of toilet rolls, paper and dispensers so you never have to run out.

Virucidal disinfectant cleaner

Buying our virucidal disinfectant cleaner enables high quality cleaning at value for money prices; when bought in bulk each bottle works out to cost only 50p. It’s a popular product that’s essential for facilities to have, working effectively against a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella typhimurium, and others. Shop our virucidal disinfectant cleaner.

Bulk bleach

Bleach is used for various cleaning tasks and is a strong disinfectant. It plays a huge role in ensuring facilities are kept clean and bacteria is removed. When bought in bulk, our prices equate to 69p per litre which is extremely competitive. Shop bleach in bulk to get the best prices.

Bin liners

Proper waste management within your facility is imperative to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. We offer a wide range of waste disposal and refuse solutions for safe waste management including heavy duty bin liners.

Nitrile gloves

Ideal for facilities such as surgeries and salons and to act as protection for a range of cleaning tasks, nitrile gloves are a product that can be extremely cost-effective when buying in bulk. Nitrile gloves from the Citron Shop are durable, comfortable to wear and with bulk packs available in various sizes and quantities, they are the affordable solution to fit every business’ needs.

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Create an Account with The Citron Shop

There’s no better time than now to create an account with The Citron Shop so you can immediately access the best prices, exclusive sign-up discounts and faster ordering of hygiene products.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with our inhouse experts who will be more than happy to assist.