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Clinitex Hand & Surface Wipes

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Effective Sanitising Wipes to Kill Bacteria on Hands and Surfaces

Clinitex Hand & Surface Wipes are strong cotton wipes based on an alcohol-free, biocidal formulation that is skin-friendly and non-drying. They are effective against a range of bacteria found on hands and on hard surfaces such as office equipment, machinery and high traffic touchpoints such as lift buttons or self-service tills in supermarkets. Those areas may be difficult to clean and reach with a standard sanitiser spray.

These sanitising wipes are designed to protect workers, visitors and customers from contracting harmful illnesses that may be transmitted through touch. An easy-to-open sealed pouch means these wipes can be conveniently used by employees to wipe down their working area at the end of the day whilst ensuring they stay effective and don’t dry out. Ensure you are making the right impression and provide a clean and hygienic working environment with wipes that are designed to deliver the right amount of antibacterial ingredient in every wipe. 

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Product Specifications

  • Suitable for use on hands, as well as all hard surfaces and touchpoints in your facility
  • Skin-friendly and non-drying
  • Easy to clean hard to reach high touchpoint areas such as lift buttons or door handles
  • Supplied in re-sealable soft packs for convenient use
  • Convenient and compact packaging for easy storage
  • Effective against a range of bacteria
  • Independently tested in accordance with European Standard EN1276
  • Pack Size: 100 large surface wipes

How to Use Product

Clinitex Hand & Surface Wipes can be used on hands and on all hard surfaces around the office, home and on any equipment and/or machinery to remove bacteria. Perfect for businesses from various sectors, these wipes come in a handy re-sealable dispenser; simply seal the lid of the wipes down again in-between uses to avoid the wipes drying out.

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