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Enviro Slant 6 Urinal Screen

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Reduce Malodours and Keep Washrooms Smelling Fresh

They say the sense of the smell is the most powerful one a human possesses so ensure your toilets are clean and fresh by using Citron Hygiene’s Anti-Splash, long lasting urinal screen. The anti-splash urinal block is highly effective at eliminating bad odours with long-lasting fragrance to keep your washroom smelling fresh for 30 days.

Slant6 is one of the most fragrant 30-day urinal screens on the market and it also has a lower plastic content than many others. Whilst the product is 100% recyclable, it also contains the Ecopure™ additive for faster biodegradation should it find its way to landfill.

With effective protection against common infections, the urinal screen helps to absorb and kill the bacteria preventing the spread of infections within your facilities. Beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface. Slant6 is also compatible with waterless urinals.

The Citron urinal block is designed with soft flexible PVC to fit all urinals preventing urine splashback that can contribute to deterioration of floors and the surrounding areas, keeping your washrooms looking fresh for longer. The screen features anti-splash on both sides to make sure it is always installed incorrectly.

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Product Specifications 

  • Anti-Splash urinal block suitable for both flushing & waterless urinals
  • Effective against fighting infection and cross contamination
  • Powerful fragrance minimising odour for up to 30 days
  • Promotes Washroom Hygiene
  • High Quality soft, flexible PVC block designed to fit all urinals
  • Anti-splash technology on both sides

How to Use Product

Place the urinal screen in the base of the urinal to prevent clogging, reduce the smell of bad odours and help keep urinals clean.

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